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Protect Our Children's Health and Our Rights

Many of you have recently become proactive in the issue of our rights and vaccine choice, especially in this past year. We would like to thank you including those who have been right along side us in this issue for the past decade. Please know that your efforts and your support in this movement have made an impact. Our voice is getting louder.

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Continue Calling

The proposed Conscientious Exemption to Vaccination Bill S1071 is stalled in committee. Contact the 3 legislators of your district and request their support to get the Bill heard. Find legislators here - See below if they are already supporters.

Keep the pressure on. If your legislator is not listed below - please call and as their constituent request their support - or if they are listed, call and thank them and encourage them to actively work to push the bill forward. Please send any feedback you receive to email@njaicv.org.

Bill History:

We have made steady progress and now have 26 sponsors in the Assembly and 13 sponsors in the Senate.

Help us add a conscientious exemption to NJ State Immunization Laws - Sign the Petition

You can view the Bills A260 and S1071 - Please Note - These are PDFs. If needed, you can download the reader for these documents.

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Sponsors for A260 / S1071

Legislation providing for conscientious exemption to mandatory immunizations.

District Title Name Status
1 Sen. Van Drew, Jeff Co-Sponsor
2 Asm. Polistina, Vincent Co-Sponsor
5 Asw. Cruz-Perez, Nilsa Co-Sponsor
6 Asm. Greenwald, Louis D. Co-Sponsor
8 Asm. Rudder, Scott Co-Sponsor
10 Sen. Ciesla, Andrew R. Co-Sponsor
13 Asw. Handlin, Amy H. Co-Sponsor
15 Sen. Turner, Shirley K. Co-Sponsor
16 Sen. Bateman, Christopher Co-Sponsor
16 Asm. Biondi, Peter J. Primary Sponsor
18 Asm. Diegnan, Patrick J. Jr. Primary Sponsor
19 Asm. Vas, Joseph Co-Sponsor
21 Asm. Bramnick, Jon M. Primary Sponsor
22 Asw. Stender, Linda Co-sponsor
22 Sen Scutari, Nicholas P. Co-sponsor
23 Asm. Doherty, Michael J. Co-sponsor
23 Sen. Karrow, Marcia Co-sponsor
24 Asm. Chiusano, Gary R. Co-Sponsor
24 Asw. McHose, Alison Littell Co-Sponsor
24 Sen. Oroho, Steven V. Co-Sponsor
25 Sen. Bucco, Anthony R. Primary Sponsor
25 Asm. Merkt, Richard A. Co-Sponsor
27 Asm. McKeon, John F. Co-Sponsor
30 Sen. Singer, Robert W. Co-Sponsor
31 Asm. Chiappone, Anthony Co-Sponsor
32 Asm. Prieto, Vincent Co-Sponsor
33 Asm. Ramos, Ruben, J. Jr. Co-Sponsor
34 Sen. Gill Esq., Nia H. Co-Sponsor
34 Asw. Oliver, Sheila Y. Co-Sponsor
35 Sen. Girgenti, John A. Co-Sponsor
36 Sen. Sarlo, Paul Co-Sponsor
36 Asm. Schaer, Gary S. Primary Sponsor
38 Asw. Voss, Joan M. Co-Sponsor
38 Asm. Wagner, Connie Co-Sponsor
39 Asw. Vandervalk, Charlotte Primary Sponsor
39 Asm. Rooney, John E. Co-Sponsor
39 Sen. Cardinale, Gerald Primary Sponsor
40 Asm. Rumana, Scott Co-Sponsor
40 Sen. O'Toole, Kevin J. Co-Sponsor

Total to date: 39


* * * * * * * * * * BACKGROUND & FACTS * * * * * * * * * * *

Here is a breakdown showing that our babies - especially NJ babies - are receiving too many shots too soon.

NJ already mandates the following to get into day care or school:

Hep B-3 doses; HIB-3 doses; DTaP-3 vaccines in one, 3 doses; Polio-3 doses

HIB-1 dose; DTaP-1 dose; MMR-3 vaccines in one-1 dose; Chickenpox-1 dose

MMR-3 vaccines in one, 1 dose; Polio-1 dose

These new mandates added:

  • Prevnar vaccine- 3 more infant doses, 1 toddler dose
    (note:  Prevnar contains SEVEN different bacterial strains.)

  • Flu vaccine - 2 initial infant doses and then annually

With the addition of Prevnar and flu shot the grand total for NJ infants is now:

2 months of age = 13 viruses/bacteria at one time
4 months of age = 13 viruses/bacteria at one time
6  months of age = 14 viruses/bacteria at one time (add flu)

Flu Shot:
First time flu shot is two doses.  The flu shot contains 25 micrograms of mercury.  The EPA “safety limit” is .1 (point 1) microgram per 2.2 pounds of body weight.  That means that 25 micrograms is safe ONLY if you weigh 550 pounds.  How can they approve this shot for anyone and they want to give infants the shot twice?!

Contains formaldehyde, a carcinogen.  The amount of aluminum acceptable for an adult male is 25 micrograms per day. ADACEL (Sanofi) has 150 mcg of aluminum and Boostrix (GSK) has 39 mcg of aluminum.

Meningococcal: (meningitis)
Meningococcal-containing vaccine, such as the medically preferred
meningococcal conjugate vaccine (Menactra) for 6th graders.

These new recent vaccine mandates passed in NJ makes NJ the first and only state to mandate the flu shot starting with infants as young as 6 months as well as the only state to mandate the meningitis vaccine for 6th graders. These additional mandates also include Prevnar (which contains SEVEN different bacterial strains) for meningitis, etc. and a Tdap booster for 6th grade. We have the highest rates of autism in the country and parents must have the right to a conscientious exemption (for a philosophical or moral choice) when it comes to vaccination.

The following organizations are opposed to more mandatory vaccines and are in favor of a conscientious belief exemption.

Advocates for Children's' Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning (A-CHAMP)

John Gilmore

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

Far Hills, NJ www.aapsonline.org

Andrew Schlafly, General Counsel

Autism One


Ed Arranga

Autism Research Institute

4182 Adams Ave San Diego , CA 92116

Dr Stephen Edelson www.autism.com

Children Having Everybody Really Upset About Shots (C.H.E.R.U.B.S.)

10 Irving Place , Summit , New Jersey 07901 www.callingtheshots.info

Barbara Flynn, Founder

Generation Rescue


JB Handley, Portland OR

Holistic Moms Network

PO Box 408 Caldwell , NJ 07006

(877) HOL-MOMS www.holisticmoms.org
Amy Galarowicz

National Autism Association (NAA)

1330 W. Schatz Lane , Nixa , MO 65714

Wendy Fournier www.nationalautismassociation.org

New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination (NJAICV)

PO Box 243 Gillette , NJ 07933 www.NJAICV.org

Sue Collins, Co-Founder

Network Organization for Vaccine Awareness and Choice (NOVAC)

49 Wehrli Rd. Long Valley , NJ 07853

Maureen Drummond

NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice www.njvaccinationchoice.com

Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)

Newport Beach , CA www.taca.org

Lisa Ackerman

Unlocking Autism

Tyrone , GA

Nancy Cale www.unlockingautism.org

US Autism and Aspergers Association (USAAA)

Dr. Larry Kaplan

The following three groups have specific statements that follow:

National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) Barbara Loe Fisher

CoMeD , Inc., Silver Spring, MD, Dr. Paul G. King, Science Advisor

www.Mercury-freeDrugs.org  Paul_G@Mercury-freeDrugs.org

SafeMinds 254 Trickum Creek Road Tyrone , GA Theresa Wrangham, President

The National Vaccine Information Center , which represents citizens in New Jersey and every state, joins with other parent groups in opposing the addition of nine more doses of vaccines to New Jersey State mandates for daycare or school entry. NVIC also strongly supports the addition of a conscientious belief exemption to New Jersey state vaccine laws.

CoMeD, Inc., also known as the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs, is opposed to adding the 4 vaccines to the mandated NJ vaccinations list, and supports the pending NJ "conscientious" exemption bill. In addition, CoMeD supports replacing all state mandates for vaccination with "opt in" laws that provide vouchers for those vaccines that are truly cost-effective and safe.


We write this letter in response to a request for SafeMinds to endorse actions against mandating the use of thimerosal (mercury) containing vaccines in New Jersey .  We are aware that on Monday December 10th the New Jersey Public Health Council is meeting to consider mandating four new vaccines for New Jersey daycare and school aged children.  

The Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus booster and Prevnar vaccines contain high amounts of aluminum, also a known neurotoxin with little safety testing and is cause for concern.  The two remaining vaccines the PHC is to consider mandating continue to be offered in versions containing high levels of thimerosal (mercury); the influenza and meningococcal vaccines.  

 In 1999 the American Academy of Pediatrics in a joint statement with the US Public Health Service recommended mercury be removed from vaccines “as soon as possible”.  While most vaccines comply with this recommendation, eight years later many influenza and meningococcal vaccines still contain thimerosal (mercury) several times over established federal safety limits.  Since that time the body of independent clinical and biological research continues to grow and demonstrate the harmful effects of mercury in vaccines.  As such, the Coalition for SafeMinds is opposed to the continued use of mercury containing vaccines and supports efforts discontinue its use in vaccines.

www.safeminds.org     tkw.safeminds@gmail.com

The Coalition for SafeMinds is a private charitable nonprofit organization founded to investigate and raise awareness of the risks to infants and children of exposure to mercury from the environment and medical products, including thimerosal in vaccines. The Coalition of SafeMinds supports research on the potential harmful effects of mercury and thimerosal.

ALSO - Let your local papers know what's going on! Write letters to the editors.

Find Local NJ Newspapers:



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